The Bible’s God

What’s in this book that billions follow?

Susie Ambrose


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God’s justice and goodness are frequently declared in the Bible, and yet the actions attributed to him often violate humanity’s understanding of morality. Christian reasoning is: “It’s okay because it’s God. He can do what he wants. Whatever he does is good, and he has a good plan in the end.” This is the same type of argument as ‘the end justifies the means’ and ‘might is right’.

It’s also tyranny, to terrorize people for the sake of a grand plan to be established. I came to realize that my definition of good simply is not the same as this religion’s definition of good, and Christianity started to make less sense to me.

In the Bible, innocent people are frequently collateral damage simply so that the deity can prove a point. Below are some major occasions where this god (Yahweh) violates our laws of justice and goodness by 1) punishing the innocent instead of the guilty, 2) having a penchant for killing, and 3) possessing people to do harmful things. To the unbiased reader, Yahweh’s actions show little value for individual human life or ‘free will’.

Believers have had to spend a great deal of time looking for nuances, assumptions, and inferences, in order to make the Bible sound moral. They become expert cherry pickers who would be an asset to any farm. Sure, this deity has its reassuring, loving moments — but it also has plenty of unjust and cruel ones too. We only get the sugar-coated stories from Christians; the victor’s perspective and comforting verses.

So to balance out the picture, here are my top eight occasions where Yahweh’s nature — as depicted in the Bible — is anything other than ‘good’. Many religious folks don’t believe these stories literally happened. Nevertheless, the stories are in their holy text, intended to illustrate the god they worship.

1. Adam, Eve, and the Curse

In perhaps the most famous of stories, Yahweh violates our understanding of justice and goodness five times.

Violation #1: The deity creates two humans who have no understanding of right and wrong, and tells them not to eat from a tree he puts with them. That is akin to me putting an object in front of a one-year-old and telling him not to touch it…



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